How do i Take Screenshots

How do i Take Screenshots

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By the introduction of Ice Cream Sandwich for the Android os, now any device can take a screenshot of currently displayed data. Follow this lead to start taking screenshots with your device, as well as older devices that not have this function.

  • Which devices can take screenshots

The device which they are running in the Ice Cream Sandwich or updated versions they all have the function to take screen shorts in their devices.

  • In Samsung galaxy s2,s3,s4,s5 note editions just keep your plam and slide across the screen ,it will capture the screen shorts.
  • HTC One uses the Power and Home buttons, or the Power and Volume Down buttons

Nexus 5, 4, and Kindle Fire use Power and Volume Down buttons.

Screen shorts

in ice cream sandwich Device must support to capture screen shorts.


Navigate of the screenshots. it will capture everything that it displayed on your phone, it including the icon and image on the device.

In Android 4.2 and later, the screenshot will appear in your notification bar. You open it straight in the Gallery, delete it with the delete button edit it with the edit button share it with the Share button, or you can swipe it to cancle it.

Devices that Does not Support Screenshots

Screen shorts

There are a few apps in the Play Store that will allow your phone to take screenshots if your device cannot. You must pay for it,some are free. But make sure you device support the app.

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