Stellar Wanderer

Stellar Wanderer

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Stellar Wanderer
Developer : Crescent Moon Games LLC
App Category : Games
Release Date : Not Available
Size : 191 MB
Price : Paid
Last Update : 21 March 2016
Requires Android : Not Available
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Stellar Wanderer
Version Reviewed Reviewed OS Version
1.0.7 iPhone 6s


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Stellar Wanderer immediately invokes thoughts of Elite. It has you wandering the universe, mostly completing missions as and when you want. You have a choice of paths to pursue, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Stellar Wanderer succeeds best in short doses. Stick with it for too long, and you realise it’s quite samey, but for 10 minutes at a time, it’s reasonably satisfying.
Negotiating the galaxy
You’re controlling a spaceship as you go from A to B with some deviating towards C. There’s a choice of control method – either accelerometer based or virtual joystick. You want to pick the latter, as the former is a bit awkward in the heat of battle. Shooting is a matter of hitting the relevant fire button, with other options existing to boost your speed temporarily, as well as interact with other objects.
It’s the kind of control system that will take you moments to learn, further ensuring why you can – and should – come back for short bursts.
But is it fun?
The problem is that Stellar Wanderer is oddly soulless. Pursuing various missions with an aim to level up, buy better gear and so forth, is reasonably appealing, but getting there is samey. You soon end up repeating yourself frequently, exploring the empty universe just to get to the next waypoint. Stellar Wanderer lacks a bit of personality in that respect, and it soon shows up to be a problem.
The bottom line
It’s certainly a big game, but kind of like with procedurally generated dungeons, it all feels too familiar in no time at all. Stellar Wanderer lacks the wow factor that it so proudly wants to offer. Play it in short sessions, and you’ll enjoy those moments where you’re dogfighting an alien ship. You’ll know when you’ve played it for too long though – that’s when you sigh when an enemy appears for yet another duel.

Stellar Wanderer is a beautiful space opera set in a vast open-world universe.

Grow your skills and choose the best path that suits your play style. Become a FIGHTER, TRADER, TANK or ENGINEER, each with its own bonuses and special abilities. Follow the main storyline or choose the side missions you would like to play. Mine for resources or be the most dangerous pirate in the galaxy.

Experience a variety of gorgeous space sets, each with several interest points. Earn credits for the ship of your choice or choose multiple ships! Tune your ship with more than 100 items that are currently available in the game.

• 10+ hours of gameplay to complete the story line
• Use accelerometer or virtual joystick
• Cockpit view for a more immersive feeling or third person view for better observation
• Fight, mine, explore, trade
• Gorgeous visuals with unique atmosphere for each space set.

The game is optimized to work on all devices starting from iPhone 4s, iPad 2 and iPad Mini.

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Stellar Wanderer

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Stellar Wanderer
Stellar Wanderer
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Stellar Wanderer

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