Manage Your Files Better with File Expert Concept Version (Beta)

Manage Your Files Better with File Expert Concept Version (Beta)

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Manage Your Files Better with File Expert Concept Version (Beta)
Developer : GMobile
App Category : Tools
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Price : Free
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Requires Android : Android 4.1
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Manage Your Files Better with File Expert Concept Version (Beta)
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File Expert Concept Version (Beta) is a terrific new follow-up to theFile Expert with Clouds that allows users to more efficiently manage Android device files.

This newer improved beta version developed by GMobile steps in where others have failed and provides one of the best file management apps available.


File Expert Concept Version (Beta) simply lives up to the expectations of its older version with a better functional streamlined approach.

Appearance and Layout

The appearance of File Expert Concept Version (Beta) is clean, minimalist, and thorough with either a minimal black and white UI (current theme),
dark background with colored icons UI (dark theme), or a light colored background with colored icons (light theme). The dark theme seems superior, but it hasn’t been finalized yet.

File Expert Concept Version (Beta) also has the ability to be used in a horizontal mode, which makes it great for use on Android tablets.

This app has a plain and simple layout that easily lets users find what they are looking for, although first-time users might need to experiment a few minutes to gain a better understanding of the apps layout and flow.

Overall, the appearance and layout is remarkably simplistic and easy to use and the more visually appealing dark theme seems better to use than the other two.


File Expert Concept Version (Beta) is free to download (only 2.59 MB) and install from its APK. Since it’s a Beta version, it might not be as stable as the older File Expert with Clouds (also free but with In-App Purchases), but it has a more streamlined approach to file managing and is a pleasure to use.

This is a powerful file manager that easily lets the user navigate through the files on their device, and it is enjoyable to use. For a free file manager (albeit a beta version), File Expert Concept Version (Beta) will be tough to beat.


File Expert Concept Version (Beta) has quite a few new features from its older version, although it still stays along the same line of file managing and file navigation. It allows the creation of multiple tabs and the ability to swipe to switch between them, thereby facilitating the copying, moving, and pasting process.

File Expert Concept Version (Beta) also lets the user perform frequently-used features simply by swiping right, which helps save time when it comes to trying to find the gallery, recycle bin, etc.

Another feature is the optional Cloud Management that it supports, letting the user pair it with their Dropbox account (Beta), and eventually with other Cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Sugarsync, Yandex, MediaFire etc. in their final official version.

The developers have optimized File Expert Concept Version (Beta) for performance and function, so it barely takes up any of your device’s processing space while experiencing no lag when using it.

In addition, File Expert Concept Version (Beta) does all of the usual file management things, such as letting the user: access all storage (e.g. flash memory, internal storage and external storage), copy, cut, move, paste, delete, rename, search, share, send, create new, create shortcuts, view file properties, batch mode operations, recycle, tags, all while having a simple and easy way to view and sort (grid or list, descending or ascending by name, size, time, or type) items.

File Expert Concept Version (Beta) requires Android 4.1 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

An Android phone is no good without a good file explorer app. However, most of them lack essential features and a good user interface. This is where File Expert Concept comes into the picture as a saviour. This Android app is currently in its Beta stage. There might be a few changes in the final release. To be very honest, the app is very feature-rich, complete and stable even in the beta version.


File Expert concept is an Android app that is full of amazing features. Besides just the availability of these features, the way they have been managed and integrated is what sets this app apart. The user interface is very minimalistic but extremely functional. It manages to tuck away a lot of content. A swipe to the right will open up the features that you use most frequently, giving you easier access to what you need most. This takes effect and begins to grow on you once you have used the app for a few days. It is an excellent and natural way to ensure regular tasks and ease maintenance of files.


Using this app, you can access all your storage devices- internal, external and flash storage. You do not need any extra apps to access them all. Just a few permissions and you’re good to go. It supports all basic operations that characterise a file explorer- cut, copy, past, move, delete, rename, share, create, create shortcut, search, batch operations and view property. Most other file explorers end up being annoying simply because a lot of them lack these basic features.


In addition, there is a recycle bin. This is very useful when you might have deleted a file or folder by mistake and wish to undo the same. It will store your deleted files for long enough in case you wish to recover them. Files can be tagged using a variety of labels for ease of access. The tags make searching and file access easier than ever before. You can also view the files in the form of a grid or list, and sort them in ascending or descending order as per name, size, time and type.

There are just one or two minor bugs in the beta version that we could find. The major one is that scrolling can be a little tough at times, especially when you have a long list. Besides this, the app is very well built and designed. It looks great and works very smoothly too. I was quite sure that I had the best file explorer for Android before I downloaded this one. Now, I’m using it as my primary app and have no intentions of going back to my old one. In fact, I’m now convinced that I do have the best file explorer for Android.

The beta version supports Dropbox too. Word has it that the developers are adding additional cloud support in the final release. The minimal UI makes file management an extremely easy and simple task. You no longer have to face any difficulty while handling your files.

Good:Recycle bin, cloud support

Bad: Scrolling is a bit jittery

Manage Your Files Better with File Expert Concept Version (Beta)

Manage Your Files Better with File Expert Concept Version (Beta) Screenshots

Manage Your Files Better with File Expert Concept Version (Beta)
Manage Your Files Better with File Expert Concept Version (Beta)

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